Wednesday, July 06, 2011

DNA - From Israel To The World!

Our loyal readers and followers will remember that, some two years ago, this site highlighted an initiative in Israel, which involved the use of DNA to analyse dog poo. Refresh your memories here.

It has taken time but this idea has now spread to Australia and the following news article says it all.

Before looking at that, however, I suggest a quick read of the Public Relations Institute of Australia's Submission for Victoria State Awards for Excellence 2000. This is now an ancient document but shows that the dog fouling issue has long been high on the Australian list of priorities. I was mightily impressed with the initiative described here. It takes us back to nature and puts us at one with the world; I quote: "The second leg of the campaign was the release of dung beetles into Port Phillip - a first for Victoria - with the message that it was not an excuse for dog owners to get sloppy in their habits". It leads to a serious moral dilemma. If we clear up dog waste, we will be starving the dung beetles. This would not be acceptable.

Please enjoy the following news report.


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