Friday, April 22, 2011

Wrexham Council Mobile Phone App 'To Speed Up Response'

The application can be accessed while out and about, the council said

Well done, Wrexham Council, it is high time technology and dog fouling became more closely aligned!

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we were, therefore, naturally delighted at the innovation shown by Wrexham Borough Council. It has launched a free mobile phone application to provide instant access to its services.

Wrexham residents can use the Looking Local 'app' to report litter, dog fouling, dumped rubbish, pot holes and road repairs and anti-social behaviour.

Mobile users can take a photograph to forward to the customer contact centre as supporting evidence and their location is automatically identified.

I particularly like the idea of taking pictures and forwarding them. I am, however, a little worried. We all send pictures to each other by mobile phone, computer etc. I have a picture in my mind of cyber space being filled with images passing to and fro. Now that Wrexham Council has introduced this new app, I am worried that my pictures will arrive contaminated by dog faeces, which they have rubbed up against in cyber space.

Yet another unintended consequence of noble activity!

BBC article here.


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