Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Pooperman Strikes in Lincoln!

Hester Lacey at Guardian UK reports on the actions of "Pooperman" in Lincoln. It appears that this shadowy figure has taken to going around putting labels on piles of dog excrement asking owners to clear up in future.

While the actions of one solitary campaigner might be of little interest, Hester's experiences speak volumes. As a young journalist, she was tasked to run articles on dog fouling. She was overwhelmed by the response. As she puts it: "I received abusive phone calls from both factions: the ones that felt we weren't doing enough (were we meant to come and pick it up ourselves?) and those who felt our snazzy laminated campaign posters, which featured a dog and a steaming heap in a red circle, were offensive in themselves. The debate raged across our letters page week after week; MPs weighed in, local radio stations got involved and an entire class of schoolchildren each prepared individual projects around the campaign and proudly sent them in".

If nothing else, this shows that our campaign is nothing new. Hester's article can be found here.

The best thing to come out of this is the finding of another campaign song. This one is somewhat more gentle than some of the others, which we have featured. I'm humming it already and will probably sing it to my wife on our next wedding anniversary.


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