Sunday, February 20, 2011

Variations on a Theme - Cat Fouling

As is obvious without saying, Stamp on It and I are very focused on dog fouling and red rubber bands.

I decided, however, that it isn't just Elgar, who can look at variations on a theme. This was largely prompted by the fact that I am visiting my mother and have found her garden to be absolutely swamped with cat excrement. Frankly, I can hardly move for it and will be engaging in a major clear up operation tomorrow.

So is cat fouling a problem nationally? Cursory investigation suggests that it might well be. As various advice sites state, the issue is not covered by legislation. There appears, therefore, to be a lack of discussion on the topic compared to dog fouling, which is covered by several different pieces of legislation.

My research has, however, highlighted again the ingenuity of the human spirit. Faced with no redress in statute law, one poster on the following site proposes to strike back through the terms of a tenancy agreement! There is also reference to violence and, I would suggest, institutional racism rears its head.

Clearly fouling has the capacity to bring out the best and the worst in us.

For my part, I will forgive the local cats (as I do the dogs) and simply immerse my shoes in a bucket of water.

I hope that all our readers will feel that their horizons have been expanded.

Enlighten yourselves here.


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