Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Bromley Times - Leading The Way Again!

You will all remember the letter from Pat Barker, which appeared in the Bromley Times and was celebrated on this blog here.

Well, it looks as if Pat has started something of a backlash in Bromley. David Cutler from Mottingham and Chislehurst (the other side of the borough) also appears to be having trouble with dogs and their owners. While I could never condone the cruelty involved in "rubbing a dog's nose in it", I am intrigued at the concept of rubbing the dog itself in its mess. What a strange and, again, barbaric suggestion. How on earth could it be of benefit to anybody to rub a dog in its own mess? The owner I can understand but certainly not the poor dog.

Lastly, I also see an element of cruelty in David's suggestion that dogs are being allowed to "fowl" lawns and pavements. Are we to assume from this that the dogs are being allowed to scatter chickens around Bromley? If so, then it is time that the relevant authorities took urgent action!


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