Sunday, April 18, 2010

Dog Fouling And Risk Assessments

As you will be aware, everything now has to be risk assessed.

You will appreciate that this is necessary to ensure that potentially dangerous events have that risk minimised, e.g. firing weapons on a rifle range or abseiling down a cliff face.

I was, therefore, relieved to read that "Schoolchildren from Workington have been banned from visiting a nature reserve – because there is too much dog mess there". This followed a "school risk assessment". Much regret has been expressed at the decision.

We have repeatedly emphasised that dog fouling is a crime. This is endorsed by Ian Payne, Allerdale council’s strategic manager for places, who said: “We are not saying that dog walkers should not enjoy the nature reserve, but not cleaning up after your dog has fouled is a criminal offence and there is no excuse for it.”

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands, we applaud this decision making process. The risk assessment clearly included an option that the children might remove their clothes and roll on the ground in dog mess then, having done that, they might dip their sandwiches in it. We need to protect our children from these risks!

The News & Star carries the full story here.


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