Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Cornwall Strikes Again!

On an Easter trip to Cornwall, I saw this sign:

It made me sad to think that Carrick District Council has ceased to exist as it clearly had a vision as regards the fouling issue.

I was mainly concerned at the instruction "Do Not Allow Your Dog To Foul Footpaths or Grass Verges". What is this actually saying? Does it mean that if my dog goes to foul the grass verge I should pull it onto the pavement? If it goes to foul the footpath, should I quickly drag it to a road?

Above all, how do I stop it from fouling? Is this a case of insert a cork until you get home?

Cornwall is a strange land as we have discussed before. Fouling is a long standing issue. I often wonder what the tin miners did for toilets and I wonder if the Knockers were simply making a point about sanitation.

Oh Cornwall, let it flow!


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