Sunday, March 21, 2010


Definition of ranting: It is the act of spewing out information in an angry stream of words that delivers a message.
Have you ever been so annoyed with something that you just had to explode into a rant about it?

Before you do – make sure that you fully understand the rules of a rant and then let rip.

Follow these simple steps to ensure a successful rant.

1. Find something that seriously annoys you or gets on your nerves – in this case dog fouling.

2. Know your subject & do your research. You don't want to end up looking like a fool half way through your rant.

3. Don't rush! Take your time and relish every second of your rant. Dog fouling is serious business – rushing it will make you babble like a lunatic.

4. Never yell. Yelling constantly in your ranting is immature.

5. Humour. It never hurts to have it in your ranting. It shows that you're still human and not overcome with blind rage to feel any other emotion.

6. No swearing. That's easier said than done when dealing with dog fouling – but try your best.

7. Make your point. Your rant must contain a conclusion because it is what ties everything together. It allows people to see that you're focus enough to write a decent, thought out rant. Hopefully if you illustrate your point well enough you will also sway people into thinking the way you do.

Now watch this example and see if she follows my seven steps to a successful rant – or is she just talking dog shit?!?!


Pat Tillett at 21 Mar 2010, 20:12:00 said...

that was funny!!!

Peter Arronsen at 21 Mar 2010, 20:48:00 said...

An excellent rant. My eyes were, however, taken by the love bite on her neck. Moral, if your dog fouls randomly, keep others' teeth away from your throat!

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