Friday, March 26, 2010

Role reversal can work.

Family Guy is rich in sketches that relate to dog fouling - remember the dog turd sketch?

This one is even better and involves Stewie & Brian somehow being transported to another world. A world run by dogs - a world of role reversal. But even in this "topsy turvy" world, the requirement to pick up after your "pet" still remains. But in this world the "pet" can shout at the owner and demand that they "pick up my poop".

Can you imagine how much cleaner our world would be if the dog could shout at its owner and embarass him/her into picking up its mess ? Fantastic!

I also like the ultra fast response by the police in the sketch - something I have yet to see in our world :-)

Sit back and enjoy the best sketch from Family Guy and as you do, ask yourself where Stewie produced the napkin from as his trousers are by his feet ?!?!?!


Pat Tillett at 26 Mar 2010, 17:11:00 said...

That was a great one!

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