Thursday, January 14, 2010

Yellow snow

Please, please, please be careful. With all this snow & ice about it is so easy to forget the menace that is lurking just below the crisp white surface in our parks & pavements.

It is the duty of Dog Fouling & Red Rubber Bands to highlight the danger signs that will prevent your "family walk in the snow" becoming a snowball in the face that no one wants ...

1. Brief your family & plan your route: A walk in a snow covered park that is frequented by dogs is fraught with "hidden dangers". If you decide to walk in such areas then make sure your group, particularly the young & elderly, are aware of the tell tale signs, eg: yellow snow, melted areas & paw marks. AVOID!

2. Agree action plans & leads for different scenarios
: A dog turd snowball in the face requires a different response from the group to a child sucking on a yellow snowball or chewing on a frozen "Mars bar" found nearby. BE PREPARED!

3. Watch for the big melt: This is the time that you will see just how close you were to danger. Get out quickly and start plotting these finds on a map in preparation for the next snow fall that will hide them all again. Be one step ahead & keep your family safe.

I hope this helps. If you have any other tips to keep our readers safe in the winter months then please let us know.

Also - do red rubbers bands migrate during the winter months ? I haven't seen any for ages :-)


Patrick Stuart said...

Sorry to see the snow disappearing, it made the dog mess so much easier to spot!

Pat Tillett at 25 Jan 2010, 06:39:00 said...

Hi there,
Two things; I like your writing style, and "dog fouling" is a subject near and dear to me. In fact I have ten entries dealing with dog poop and dog owners. Here's an exerpt:

Speaking of walking dogs; some owners have gotten pretty good at picking up their dog’s poop, putting it in a bag, and taking it home. But will somebody please explain to me, why it is still perfectly okay for that same dog to pee everywhere? Dog urine is not fertilizer! Dog urine is not “Miracle-Grow!” It kills grass and plants. It discolors fences, hydrants, tires, and everything else it comes in contact with! Oh yeah, let’s not forget that the grass, plants, fences, hydrants, tires, and everything else they pee on, belongs to someone else...
If you want to take a look at the other entries please stop by!

I like your site, and I'm going to follow along and see what happens!

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