Saturday, January 09, 2010

Give poop the push!

Here at Dog Fouling & Red Rubbers Bands we are always on the look out for the new & innovative products that will encourage dog owners to pick up their dog's crap and make the world a nicer place to walk bare foot in.

We believe we have found such a product. A product that not only makes collecting dog faeces hastle free, but also makes use of those discarded red rubber bands whilst doing so!

Poopsta takes pooper scooping to the next level, skillfully blending red rubber bands into the dog crap collection equation.

Richard Glyn from Poopsta was keen to emphasis to us how important red rubber bands were to the success of the product, "Your blog certainly raised a smile on my face. Poopsta is the world's first one-push poop scoop and is powered by a rubber band ... the red rubber bands work just perfectly ... it must be fate!"

Invented by Richard's dad, Maurice, the Lancashire duo have become an internet sensation with Richard's YouTube Poopsta demonstration video racking up viewers all around the world.

Check out Richard's promotion video and then ask yourself this question - is that a real dog poo he leaves on his kitchen table to pick up? :-/

We wish this father & son duo of British entrepreneurs every success with their business.


Unknown at 26 Nov 2010, 03:37:00 said...

I like how this pooper-scooper does its job, and you barely even have any contact with the poop, its just place a rubber band, then a plastic bag, place it on the top of the poop, push, and voila! Poop is inside the bag. This is also useful when taking the poop out of my carpet before calling the Portland, Oregon carpet cleaning service to get the stains and the odor out.

With the Salem carpet cleaning I never had any more problems on stains and odor with their eco-friendly approach on carpet cleaning.

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