Saturday, August 22, 2009

Talk About On Your Own Doorstep!!!

I had occasion today to attend my local sorting office to collect a parcel.

While there, I decided to conduct some undercover work regarding red rubber bands. Such covert activity is not easy, therefore the quality of the following video is not perfect but it indicates the attitude of those, who would pollute our society with this foul menace, which glows red with the anger of Satan!

The marks on the ground are a little unclear but they are red rubber bands. Click the thumbnail to share my experience!

Obscene Car Park

Now it would be easy to dismiss this as simply people not caring about their workplace but it is worse. This has clearly been done to provoke members of the public. It obviously works. While the assistant was getting my parcel, I took the following picture of a sign by the counter:

Quite clearly, they are aware of the effects and have faced abuse as a result. This does not require a sign, it requires action by the governement!

How long will this attack on our civilisation last?


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