Sunday, August 23, 2009

Poo Trap

I love gizmo's and gadgets. I'm fascinated in new and innovative technology, particularly if it can be used in the war against dog fouling.

Since this blog started I have shown you several of the weapons of war that are available to all in this never ending campaign.

From the cute designer poo bags and bizarre poo catcher to the chilling force behind poop freeze, not forgetting my favourite, the swooper scooper. I particularly like the way that the designer has incorporated an offensive weapon within this product.

Next up is this new product from America. I wont go into detail describing exactly what it does just yet, watch the video and see for yourself. As you do, marvel at the way that the inventor has created a product so discrete that you wouldn't even notice that your dog was wearing it - pure genius in design.

The company website includes a FAQ section which promises to answer all your nagging concerns.

I particularly like the way they emphasis the dogs excitement at using the product, the respect you will have for them, their indepth research and how it works particularly well with diarrhea!!!

Will my dog get used to "PooTrap" easily? : "Of course, they might feel a bit uncomfortable at first, however after 5 to 10 minutes when they are used to it, they will start to run happily again."

I'm sure my dog will not like it? : "Actually, according to our research 98% of dogs that use PooTrap for 3 days will be excited to see the product and their owner."

Should I always use the "PooTrap" when walking my dog? : "Yes, even when your dog is having diarrhea."

My dog doesn't feel respected when wearing the "PooTrap"? : "Babies wear diapers and they are truly loved by their parents, hence same applied to dog owners."

Can "PooTrap" be used when dogs are having diarrhea or at home? : "You will be glad to have PooTrap when your dog is having diarrhea. They can wear it in your home."

The product is priced from $29.95 for Poop Size 1 to $38.95 for Poop Size 8.

They don't explain how you work out your dogs Poop Size measurements, but I recon size 8 is an elephant judging by the size of the bags included!!


Peter Arronsen at 24 Aug 2009, 21:14:00 said...

Absolutely brilliant! These would be excellent to throw at passing motor vehicles. A complete winner!

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