Friday, July 29, 2016

Torrelodones in Spain - Flying Faeces!

We thank BBC News for giving us this gem of information!

To quote the BBC:

Torrelodones, a municipality just outside the capital Madrid, is 2,400 euros ($2,726; £1,885) out of pocket after the three-metre high inflatable bought as part of a campaign to encourage pet-lovers to pick up after their dogs went missing, El Pais newspaper reports. The bizarre inflatable disappeared after it had been packed away in its carry-case and the police are now on the trail of the 30 kilogramme dog poop, town officials say.
Speaking to the ABC newspaper, town councillor Angel Guirao said staff were shocked and perplexed by the theft, and a replacement excrement was already on order because "we know that the campaign has been a great success".
I think the local authority missed a trick here. Why pay for a replacement? Why not just scour the streets of the UK. The UK's streets have much to offer by way of replacement excrement. Come on, Spain, get it before you need a visa!
Full article here.


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