Friday, March 28, 2014

Exeter Services - Make Your Mind Up!

Here at Dog  Fouling and Red Rubber Bands, we advocate compliance with rules and regulations. Therefore, it is always disappointing to be met with ambiguity and a veritable invitation to break a rule if, indeed the rule exists.
Exeter Services provides us with just such a conundrum. Below, you will see a "No Dogs" sign. This is attached to a fence behind a shrub with a recreation area behind it.
Yet when we look from another angle, we see, on that expanse of land, two dog waste bins (and a right nice pair they are, too!). The picture below is looking at the sign and the bins. How can it be compatible to give the instruction "No Dogs" and then provide the bins?
It is this very kind of confusion, which is causing our streets to flow and I urge Exeter Services to eliminate this ambiguity at once!
As an aside, I took a closer picture of these two little beauties. I apologise to the couple in the car just out of the picture. I wasn't photographing you and I hope you have suffered no lasting ill effects!


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