Friday, September 07, 2012

If They Won't Bag It, Just Stand There And Eat It!

As our readers and followers will know, we have campaigned tirelessly on this blog to convince dog owners and walkers to bag it and bin it.
We are, however, aware that not everybody heeds the message and little can be done to improve their behaviour. Well, ask yourself this; "how would you react if someone ate dog excrement in front of you"?
I know what I would do, I would wretch and heave! I think that this would be a perfect way of deterring future offending! Therefore, the following video offers the solution.
In future, if you see someone failing to pick up, ask them politely. If they refuse, walk over to the faeces, pick a piece up and eat it! They won't come back after that!
If you think it's strange that I should have this idea, I would retort that producing the video below makes me look normal!


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