Tuesday, August 07, 2012

Scoop It And Fling It!

We've had "Bag It and Bin It" and "Scoop The Poop", well now we have "Scoop It And Fling It"!

The video below brings it all together. A lady has a dog in her garden. The dog appears to have fouled the lawn. This, on the surface, is a responsible sequence of events. The lady can now bag the faeces and put them straight into her own bin.

Does she do that? No she does not! She approaches the faeces, has a look and then takes action. She fetches a scoop of some kind (all going well up to this point!) and she takes action!

Think of the choices; she has her own bin or she has the option of slinging the faeces into the road. A tough choice perhaps but, for this lady, no complex decision making process is necessary. She "scoops the poop" and flings it over the hedge into the road!

Now there is an argument, which states that the roads are so awash that one more bit won't be noticed. Here at Dog Fouling And Red Rubber Bands we say "unacceptable and a total waste"!

Surely it could have been posted to a deserving recipient?  This keeps the streets clean and is a form of recycling. Some people have no imagination!


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