Sunday, September 04, 2011

Dog Fouling - Exploding The Myths of Ancient Egypt!

The ancient Egyptians had some amazing views of the cosmos and creation in general. It appears that their priests were able to enter an alternative world. Indeed, this led to the compilation of the Book of the Dead. The negative confession from the Book of the Dead is even argued to be the prototype for the Ten Commandments - remember, the Israelites came out of Egypt!

As you can tell, I am fascinated by all of this. One of the most striking beliefs of the ancient Egyptians was that, which relates to the scarab (or dung) beetle. The scarab was linked to Khepri ("he who has come into being"), the god of the rising sun. The ancient Egyptians believed that the dung beetle was only male in gender and reproduced by depositing semen into a dung ball. The supposed self-creation of the beetle resembles that of Khepri, who creates himself out of nothing. Moreover, the dung ball rolled by a dung beetle resembles the sun. The ancient Egyptians believed that Khepri renewed the sun every day before rolling it above the horizon, then carried it through the other world after sunset, only to renew it, again, the next day.

How sad then that all this should be shattered by a single dung beetle in modern times. This allegedly strong and capable creature fails miserably to transport a lump of dog poo home.

What is the point of being a dung beetle if you can't transport dung? Frankly, if this beetle worked for me, it would get a written warning!


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