Sunday, August 28, 2011

Police Above The Law????

We live in a liberal democracy, which is why the recent riots were all the more shocking to us. We saw scenes, which do not belong in our society.

Once the dust settled, we moved on, as a society, and began to look at wider philosophical issues. One of those issues has to be to examine whether or not the police are beyond the law.

I see it like this. If a police officer had joined in the looting, would he/she have been above the law? I think not!

Therefore, why is it that a police dog can be allowed to foul the middle of Peckham without the handler being required to pick up?

Perhaps the IPCC should be loking at this serious violation of the law rather than wasting its time on trivia! That said, the IPCC would actually have difficulty detecting excrement if it were standing in it so we might as well carry on as normal!


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