Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Meaningful Article If Ever I Read One!

The Bangor and Anglesey Mail knows a powerful story when it sees one! Under the title "Dog fouling snub to Holyhead" it delivers a serious report.

The article is so complex that I will reproduce it in full:

HOLYHEAD Town Councillors were extremely annoyed last week when a visitor failed to turn up to a meeting.

At last week’s finance and general purposes committee, councillors were supposed to meet Mr D Peacock, Anglesey County Council’s dog warden and pest control supervisor to discuss dog fouling issues in the town.

After being invited to the meeting at the end of March, Mr Peacock had told the Council that he was “more than willing” to come.

Well done, Mr Peacock, you've really got them on the run!

Article here.


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