Thursday, September 09, 2010

Rochdale Reports "Foul Play"

Rochdale has just launched a "Foul Play" campaign in order to wage war on the menace of dog fouling. As if things aren't bad enough in the North with the recession taking hold! Clearly, the economic situation is being worsened by the fact that streets and parks are veritably flowing with dog waste. Old ladies and young children have united to display the red card (see picture above).

There is a web link and a hotline to report offenders.

Councillor David Clayton is very clear: "we have a zero tolerance approach to dog fouling on public land". If I lived in Rochdale, this would worry me. Implicit in the councillor's statement is that he doesn't care if someone allows their dog to enter my garden and defecate everywhere. Is this really where our democracy has led us?

I will leave you with another gem from Councillor Clayton: "Those who choose to leave it on the ground or hang it in bags from trees and fences are totally irresponsible." Thank you, David, without your intervention it would never have occurred to me that hanging dog excrement from a tree is irresponsible. Until I read your statement, I had always viewed it as an act of artistic expression!

Full article here.


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