Monday, September 27, 2010

Aimee & The Dog Poo Fairy

Behind every campaign there is a real person that is affected and the reason we all continue the fight. In this case it is little Aimee Langdon.

Aimee is only two years old and was happily playing in her local Manchester playground last month. She fell & put her hand in dog muck. Moments later she wiped her left eye with her hand, transferring some of the faeces to her face.

Her mum, Suzanne, was just feet away but was too late to stop her child catching an infection which has now claimed most of the sight in that left eye.
Suzanne cleaned her child's eye at once then took her home and bathed it, but within 48 hours it was clear the infection had worsened.

Aimee was diagnosed with the disease toxocariasis normally passed on to humans by dog or cat poo infected with roundworm and this in turn can lead to blindness.

That fleeting moment in the playground now haunts Suzanne, while her Aimee's damaged eye sees only dark shapes.

Suzanne says, "Aimee's condition is the consequence of just one thoughtless dog owner - how can I explain to a two-year-old that she will be unable to see out of one eye ever again?"

Since then Suzanne and brave little Aimee have launched a UK campaign with the Keep Britain Tidy initiative, to rid the country of dog-fouling.
The month-long action - with posters all over the country - is backed by 85 local councils and will tell dog owners: "There's no such thing as the Dog Poo Fairy".

There are about eight million dogs in the UK, producing around one million tonnes of faeces each year, so it's no wonder dog-fouling is the most offensive type of litter on our streets and is constantly rated by the public as one of the most important issues affecting their local area.

Regardless of all the jokes we make about dog fouling - lets do it for the kids. Kids like Aimee.


Peter Arronsen at 29 Sept 2010, 13:02:00 said...

While we do take a light hearted view of this subject, there is a serious point behind it all.

While we are having a laugh, let's not lose sight of the point that dog owners should always behave responsibly. There is no excuse for not clearing up. It isn't the dogs' fault!

Anonymous said...


Peter Arronsen at 17 Sept 2014, 20:16:00 said...

Whilst your suggestion is a physical impossibility, we welcome your support!

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