Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Don't Do It Twice In Leeds!

Elizabeth Eardley appears to have no fear of the authorities in Leeds. Elizabeth is a professional dog walker. In January 2007, she received a £75 fixed penalty for failing to clear up after a dog.

Some might have decided not to offend again....but not Elizabeth! In January, she entered a park in Bramley with ten dogs. One of the dogs fouled the park and she failed to clean it up. This led to a visit to Leeds Magistrates Court, where she pleaded guilty. This resulted in a fine of £50, costs of £250 and a victim surcharge of £15. Total £315. Quite an expensive bowel movement; significantly more than a human pays at Victoria railway station for example.

As councillor Tom Murray put it: "it is simply unacceptable that a minority of dog owners are failing to honour their responsibilities to keep our environment clean by blighting our parks and countryside with dog dirt."

I cannot agree more that this is a valuable use of court time. While people are receiving cautions at police stations for theft, assault and, in some cases, even burglary, the courts are freed up to deal with the serious and meaningful issues.

While this is a short post, it goes to the very heart of our campaign.

Full article here.


Anonymous said...

I wish they could catch more of the offenders, and I think it is pretty bad that as a profesional dog walker she does not set an example. There is a big campaign launching soon with the support of Dicky Bag pooper scoopers to make people pick up after their pooch. Have a look at keep britain tidy which tells you a bit more about the dog poo fairy!

Peter Arronsen at 16 Sept 2010, 10:47:00 said...

We have featured Keep Britain Tidy on this blog. We regard them as fellow campaigners!

Peter Arronsen at 16 Sept 2010, 11:18:00 said...

See here for the link.

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