Friday, September 17, 2010

Oxford - Seat Of Learning, Streets Of Heaving Dirt

Oxford is cracking down on major crime. Fines for dog fouling will be increased from £50 to £80 and will be enforceable on more city streets. Thank goodness Oxford City Council has a collective appreciation of what matters.

Councillor John Tanner has an understanding of the dog fouling issue, which has passed most people by. He sums it up in words,which would have brought tears to the eyes of Shakespeare or Quentin Tarantino: "There’s nothing worse than getting it on your shoe, except perhaps getting on the wheels of a pushchair." Thank you, John, you are the first to introduce pushchairs into the argument. I can only assume that you have experienced this first hand. Nice one!

See picture above. Councillor John Tanner, centre, with dog warden Ken Williams, right, and responsible dog owner Richard Burley with his pet Sasha. Imagine the excrement those four could produce in 24 hours. Let's hope they all behave responsibly!

Full article here.


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