Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Trevaunance Road, Cornwall Again!

Our avid readers and followers will know that Trevaunance Road in Cornwall has featured on this blog before. It raised the spectre of horse dung here and trashed the philosophy of Karl Marx here.

At this stage, one might feel that Trevaunance Road has contributed enough, but no! On this occasion, it's a case of beauty and the beast!

Cornwall is a beautiful place. The sun was shining and I saw an opportunity to take the following picture from Trevaunance Road. To take it, I had to climb onto a hedge. Look at the beauty of this scenery!

I didn't look as I jumped onto the hedge. The hedge is above waist height. I just put my hands onto it and hauled myself up. Imagine my horror when I saw that I had missed the following pile by inches!

I congratulate the dog owner responsible for this! Beauty contrasted with baked faeces; oh the horror!


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