Saturday, August 25, 2012

St Agnes, Cornwall - Dog And Horse Dung "Street"

Cornwall is known for its beauty and St Agnes is an amazing example of this stunning county. Yet, behind the backdrop of stunning scenery, lies an undercurrent of dog and horse fouling, which would cause the most hardened traveller to heave!
Trevaunance Road has featured re dog fouling and horse dung. Evidence is that the village is awash! I can assure you that every pavement and lane is like a mosaic of different colours (of brown and black that is!). Even hedge tops are not safe!
There is a bridal path linking Water Lane with Goonown. I walked it yesterday. When I say "walked" it was more like "danced" as we avoided the various piles along the way.
Below are views of the lane up and down.
Up The Lane, Swimming In Horse Dung
Sliding Down The Lane
 And, of course, the main topic - dog fouling:

Dog Fouling And A Slug In The Lane!

Yet one brave citizen is fighting back! He/She has allowed the local council to affix signs to his/her gate:

Official Signs
And he/she has gone one step further by displaying his/her own sign. He/She gets away with it because it is in French. We will translate it as "Dog and Horse Dung Street". I leave you to work out the correct translation! We salute this warrior of righteousness!
Dog And Horse **** Street



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