Tuesday, June 26, 2012

A Spectre Is Haunting Lewes.....

....The spectre of dog mess! Now I'm sure Karl Marx will forgive me for borrowing that opening but this is the stuff, of which social revolution is made.

I must, at the outset, thank one of our South East England operatives, whom I will identify as "PF", for sniffing out this information.

I have often been to Lewes, I love the antique shops. I must be honest, I have never had to scrape my shoes off after a visit. This just goes to show that we are not always aware of our surroundings! Lewes is clearly awash!

Cllrs Petrina Klingham and Ashley Price
As many will agree, for every Ying there is a Yang. Here, the Yang takes the form of councillors Petrina Klingham and Ashley Price. These two determined people have joined the fight and, like us, are using their blogs to combat dog fouling, Ashley here and Petrina here. As Ashley is quoted as observing here, “Poo does not make any form of aesthetic contribution or lend artistic merit to the landscape.”

Ashley and Petrina are focused on Lewes Railway Land, a beauty spot. This campaign has reached a national audience on the BBC website here. The BBC is a reliable source of acts and figures. The BBC advises that 150 tonnes of dog waste is emptied from the bins in Lewes per year. 150 tonnes! There must be many times that amount left lying around. I wonder why the council isn't piloting the concept of powering lamps as seen below?

The people of Lewes have my sympathy. I went for a walk two days ago and skidded on a pile on a country path. That was bad enough but150 tonnes? No way!

Petrina and Ashley, you are looking at the tip of the iceberg. That said, it's good to see local politicians getting up close and personal and then blogging about the problem. This is democracy in action, there'll be one heck of a stink if you fail!


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