Thursday, June 21, 2012

Is Society Getting Worse?

This blog prides itself on making meaningful social comment. This time, it's about criminal damage and fear of capture/punishment.

Some two and a half years ago, this blog highlighted the appalling practice of causing damage to dog waste bins through the use of fireworks. I condemned such behaviour then and I condemn it now! If you want to experience and share my disgust of over two years ago, have a look here.

As you will see from that video, this disgraceful act of criminal damage was carried out anonymously under the cover of darkness. A clear indication that the perpetrators knew that their actions were reprehensible and illegal. How times have changed!

Those, who would seek to destroy the very infrastructure of our social order now do so openly and without fear of detection! Is this really what society has come to?

Also, I am disgusted at the lack of professionalism shown by modern wreckers. Two and a half years ago, the bin went up like an Apollo rocket. Now, a tiny bang and a comment about the smell!

No fear of detection and no pride in their work! If this is democracy, I want no part of it!


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