Saturday, May 05, 2012

Follow Up Report

Here at Dog Fouling and Red Rubber Bands HQ we like to deliver follow up reports when appropriate. Our thanks go again to Julian, our South London/North Kent operative for bringing this to our attention.

Our loyal followers will remember the case of poo alley in Bromley. At that time, councillor Colin Smith scared us immensely with threats of hard hitting posters. Well, Colin surpassed himself. The council has called in XFOR, their website explains all about them.

Now the previous council enforcement officers were known locally by the affectionate nickname "BUFS". This stood for "Big Ugly Fellows", although I would not personally call them ugly and the "F" might have meant something else. It appears from the article below that they issued 13 tickets for dog fouling in a year. That's what I call value for money!

This now brings us onto other issues. The article below indicates that, with XFOR, there will be no reduction in fines for early payment. The council wishes to pay for the scheme by self financing through fines. For that I feel you can read "make money".

Now I thoroughly object to dog fouling and have no sympathy with offenders but would observe and ask the following. These enforcement officers have no power to detain and no power to demand personal details. The more enlightened and aggressive will simply advise them to go away. This begs the question how will money be made when the target group simply advises the enforcement staff to have a nice day? I wonder, therefore, what will be the criteria for deployment? I greatly fear that the target will be the vicar's wife as her poodle loses control in the park rather than the aggressive yob with the aggressive dog or the older, worldly wise person.

I will email Cllr Smith and ask what the deployment criteria will be.

See the article below or read it here.


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