Sunday, February 06, 2011

Skid to School in Colchester

Katy Lock, of Canwick Grove, Colchester, walks her four-year-old son Charlie to Old Heath Community Primary School.

She encounters muck along Cavendish Avenue and Old Heath Road, daily.

She said: “Every day we have the same problem with new dog fouling and have to tiptoe everywhere, trying to avoid treading in the muck".

Katy describes the deposits as "a stinking mess".

Once again, dog fouling hits the headlines.

Seeing this did, however, put me in mind of an event from my childhood. My brother and I decided to cycle home, each taking a different route, and see who would get home first.

I arrived home and waited and age for my brother, who finally arrived at the door.

He was covered in cow dung! His bike had hit a massive cow pat and he had rolled into it. This was, however, accepted as a local hazard. If only we had had the internet all those years ago!

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