Saturday, April 26, 2014

Poo Free Parks and Talking Dogs in Denver, Colorado

Poo Free Parks is an organisation of kindred spirits situated in Denver, Colorado. As they explain: "Through a new and unique public-private partnership, Poo Free Parks® supplies, installs, and maintains Earth-Friendly Bag Dispensers filled with free biodegradable Pet Poo Bags to dog owners walking their furry friends in neighborhood and city parks throughout the United States. Poo Free Parks provides this service at no ongoing costs to the Municipality or taxpayer."
This is, of course, a most commendable enterprise and we absolutely support it. That said, how on earth did they manage to teach dogs to talk? Also, having taught the dogs to speak, who told them that it was funny to watch people treading in their faces?
If we teach dogs to act and speak like this, what hope is there?


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