Sunday, August 18, 2013

Malicious Faecal Distribution - It Isn't Always The Dog!

Let's face it, dogs frequently get a bad name. Evidence of failure to clean up annoys others and is a clear breach of the law.
What if it isn't a dog? What if it's a human? Is that covered by relevant legislation?
We thank Operative JK for bringing this one to our attention.
In the appropriately named Nob Hill, New Mexico, a female jogger has been giving dogs a bad name. Unaware of the existence of CCTV, she has been jogging down an alley and engaging in an act, which the complainant describes as "malicious faecal distribution".
I love the observation that he has yet to go to the police as he feels that they won't take the (faecal) matter seriously!
In some ways, we salute this lady and thank her for proving that dogs are frequently of higher reasoning than humans, after all, dogs can't carry bags!

Full story here.


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